Free shipping on orders $50+

THE ULTIMATE REWARDS PROGRAM Black is a loyalty program where savings are just the beginning. To join, create a account and place your first order of $250 or more.

Premier Member

Spend $250 and retain these benefits for 365 days

To become a premier member just spend $250 and you'll get access to these benefits for 365 days.

Executive Member

Spend $500 and retain these benefits for 365 days

Once your total spend reaches $500 or more, you'll join the Executive tier. As an Executive member, you'll enjoy free shipping and engraving, access to exclusive sales, and more. Black FAQ

    • How do I Join?
    • To be a Black member, all you have to do is create an account and spend a total of $250 (USD) to reach the Premier Tier. Once you spend a total of $500 (USD) within your membership year, you’ll reach the Executive status that lasts for a year.
    • Will my past purchases count?
    • At the program launch, all purchases made after October 31, 2018, will count toward your Black status. At this time we are unable to count any purchases made before the above date.
    • What happens if I make a return?
    • If items are returned, your status will adjust to reflect the returns you’ve made. Exchanges will not affect your status.
    • Can I combine orders on multiple accounts into a single account?
    • At this time we are unable to merge multiple accounts. We suggest using one email for your Black account. This ensures that all your purchases are in one place and you are correctly rewarded for everything you buy.
    • I’m outside the US, do I still have to pay customs with my free shipping perk?
    • Yes, you are responsible for all international customs, taxes, duties, and fees that may be imposed by your home country.
    • What doesn’t count towards my Black status?
    • Any gift cards or discounts applied to an order total, sales tax, and shipping costs do not count towards your status. Additionally, purchases made on Amazon will not count toward your status.
    • How long does my status last?
    • Your status year starts every time you enter a new tier and lasts for 365 days (don’t worry, we’ll remind you!). To keep your status for another year—just make any purchase before your 365 days are up.
    • What watches can I engrave?
    • You can engrave any of the watches found on our engraving page. Please note, you can not use your free engraving perk to retroactively engrave a watch that you have already purchased.
    • After I upgrade into a new tier, how long does it take for the system to reflect that change?
    • Once you have crossed over into a new tier, it may take up to 24 hours for our system to register this change. Please reach out to with any questions regarding your status change.